Open Source

Current & Recent Projects

Available via GitHub

All of my current open-source projects are published on GitHub, which I've cleaned up to only include projects that are currently active, or to which I have pending patches.

See the list to the right for a quick summary, or visit my GitHub page to see what else may be there.

xRest: RESTful Routing for Express

xRest provides out-of-the-box support for publishing resources with a RESTful HTTP API in Express for Node. [GitHub Project] [Project Home]

Browser Shim

An experiment in sharing JavaScript code between the client and server, allowing the same code to run in the browser and in the Node server-side-JavaScript environment. [GitHub Project]

Jingo (Coming Soon)

A designer-friendly, XHTML-based page authoring and templating framework written in JavaScript. Runs on Node and supports popular web frameworks, e.g. Connect, Express, ...